How to connect to our Diablo II server!

Learn how to connect to our realm(s) here.
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How to connect to our Diablo II server!

Post#1 » Sat Dec 19, 2015 3:50 am

How to Connect to WoB Gaming

First off, World of Blizzard, we're hoping you have a great time here.

This server is using Back to Hellfire, a mod for Diablo 2 1.10, you will need to download some files.

D2SE - This is a mod manager, you will not have to downgrade your game with this installed because the program will take care of everything for you, all you have to do is install the program correctly.

BTH D2SE Plugin - This is the mod itself we will be using, and it works with your D2SE to make going back and forth to other mods/bnet very easy.

Note : Our gateway will be preset in the BTH plugin, so you will not need bnet gateway editor

If you cant figure out how to get it to work please watch this video : ...

- D2SE

- Back to Hellfire D2SE Plugin (Not for Windows 7)

- Back to Hellfire D2SE Plugin (for Windows 7)

- Full game download 1.13d
Alternate Download

Step 1:
Install D2SE by following the prompt after opening the exe file

Step 2:
After installing D2SE go to your Diablo 2 folder and locate the folder MODS

Step 3:
After downloading the BTH D2SE Plugin open it up and extract the BTH folder into MODS

Step 4:
Start up D2SE, click on the Back to Hellfire picture

Step 5:
You may set all the settings you like, wether you want windowed mode, glide, etc, However, you must check -skiptobnet or you will not be able to connect because the button has been removed by the modder but if you use the skiptobnet button it will push you through to the login.

Step 6:
Create your account using the normal Bnet function and you are good to go.

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