LoTH 1.7 released

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LoTH 1.7 released

Post#1 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:24 pm

Dropping one of your orbs then mousing over it will no longer crash the game
HolyShield will no longer recieve a smite penalty
Many prefixes were not spawnable to avoid item diversity issues they have been reenabled
Added Affinity Tome, mouse over it to show current affinitys (I don't use plugy or support it)
Inventory,Cube, and stash space has been increased
Experience has been increased greatly
the 1 durability per xx seconds bug has been fixed when crafting items
Decalescent Diagram of Fire Trauma has been renamed to Decalescent Diagram of Fire Blast
Decalescent Tome of Inferno's Affinitys are correct now
Some assassin martial arts spells have been added

you may download the update at the how to connect post or


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